Video Series

Activate Your Core is a six-video core workout series that educates you on the core muscles and how to engage them, so that you can build strength from the inside out. The first video shows you each core muscle and provides an in-depth way to discover it in your own body. The next four videos provide several core exercises focused on one or two of the core's muscles for you to challenge and strengthen them. The final video puts everything together in an overall core workout. Also included is a How to Use the series, and a Bonus Wrists Video, so that you can safely bear weight on your hands.

Who's Activate Your Core for? Everyone! Do you want to build strength? Do you practice yoga or any other fitness programs? Do you want to take preventative action on having a healthy back and sustainable body? Are you a mom and can't seem to get your core back? If you answered yes to any of these questions, then Activate Your Core is for you! Build a strong core in a conscious way and you will enhance any exercise that you do.  Learn to move from the core and not the periphery of your body and you will learn to move with strength and grace. Hearing your instructor say, "engage your core," will never be the same!